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PowerScan Barcode Scanner

     Windows 256 character file naming and remote requesting NC/Files from the CNC controller has revolutionized manufacturing.  But, CNC controllers' keyboards have remained rudimentary.  Long alpha-numeric NC/file names can be difficult to type at the CNC controller and mistakes can cost time and money.  The PowerScan solves this problem by integrating with eXtremeDNC .     

Print Bar-Codes with eXtremeDNC

Add Bar-Codes to your Traveler, Router or Job Sheet

Give employees power to remote request NC/files correctly, every single time 

Save time and money while building a forward compatible infrastructure


Dependable In The Harshest Conditions

Designed to meet the most stringent drop specification in the industry

The scanner will withstand multiple 6' (183cm) drops to concrete

Maintain NC/file transmission at all times

NC/file transmission during File Server Failure

NC/file transmission during loss of File Server Net-Work Connection


PowerScan™ Features and Benefits
bulletQuadraLogic™ decoding software for superior scanning performance
bulletEnvironmentally sealed, with the best IP rating of any handheld scanner
bulletMulti-interface modules provide ultimate flexible connectivity
bulletPositive trigger feedback for gloved hand operation
bulletIntegrated metal tether hook
bulletProgrammable scan angle, beeper tone and volume
bulletField upgradable Flash Memory
bulletA variety of flexible mounting and storage accessories available



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